Friday, June 6, 2014

Longest Day Run/Walk June 2014

The Travel Group's 6th Annual Run/Walk Fundraiser is taking place at Iona Beach, Richmond on June 22.  I'll be there to help the attendees with some warm up yoga/stretches before they start out.  Money raised is going to the Downtown Eastside.  Please let us know if you want to join and haven't registered yet. Click here for more information

Friday, June 28, 2013

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is becoming quite popular now especially with our aging population.  At first, we may think that Chair Yoga is just for older adults but in fact it is good for all ages.  People who have health issues such as arthritis, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and other challenges can participate in a class.  The focus of Yoga is to breathe and to help relax the mind and body so whatever ailment a person has, Chair Yoga will be helpful.  For others, the thought of a regular yoga class can be intimidating and they are afraid they won't be able to do the exercises.  One of my students says 'I want to try Yoga but don't want to get up and down off the floor', so Chair Yoga has become the solution.

Therefore being able to enjoy the benefits of Yoga opens up the possibility to people who may not otherwise get to experience this ancient system.  There are a wide variety of exercises that can be done in a Chair, and they can still provide a good workout!  The classes are generally 60 minutes and there are usually some standing poses with the chair used for balance and support.  The exercises help build confidence, increase flexibility, and the relaxation techniques are very helpful in releasing tension and anxiety.

Chair Yoga can also be done in the workplace as they only equipment required is a chair.  You don't have to get changed into exercise clothes.  Many workers are hunched over their computers in the same position for hours at a time, and these same workers are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  Workplaces are now encouraging wellness and a yoga session at lunch time or during the day benefits both workers and management.  If there is no time for a class, even standing and stretching poses can be practised right at their desk throughout the day.  Simply looking up from the computer and doing eye exercises, shoulder shrugs and neck rolls will be helpful. 

Marie will be teaching an ongoing drop in Chair Yoga Class for adults at Bonsor Recreation Centre in Burnaby starting July 05 at 12.30PM and there is also a 55+ Registered Class offered on Thursdays starting July 11 at 2.15PM. 
Click here for information on Chair Yoga at Bonsor Recreational Centre in Burnaby.
In Vancouver near Joyce Street Skytrain, Collingwood Neighbourhood House also offer an ongoing  Gentle Chair Yoga class on Wednesdays at 1.00PM - 2.00PM
Collingwood Neighbour House Website

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Zealand

Here is a great video showing the beautiful scenery of New Zealand at the Hobbit filming locations.

Friday, June 7, 2013

New Zealand's Spas and Natural Hot Pools

Make sure you allow some relaxation time while travelling in New Zealand by enjoying the Natural Hot Pools and experiencing a Spa treatment. 

The Wai Ora Spa have nine treatment rooms (including double rooms) private and public hot spa pools, steam room and 'Kawakawa' infused steam sauna.  The Spa features the award winning 'New Zealand Cultural Spa Experience' based on New Zealand's healing waters, geothermal muds and traditions of Maori, and has been awarded the coveted 2011 World Luxury Spa Awards.
 Polynesian Spa is New Zealand's internationally acclaimed spa.  Here you can enjoy a unique lakefront thermal spa experience - offering a fusion of relaxing hot mineral spring bathing, spa therapies and lovely views of Lake Rotorua.  From the 26 thermal pools, simply select one of four bathing areas - deluxe lake spa, adult pools, private pools, or family spa.  Or you can indulge in a spa therapy or hydro spa therapy, at the inviting haven of the lake spa retreat.

Taupo DeBretts at Taupo Hot Springs offers a unique opportunity to relax and unwind.  They have a wide range of accommodation with outstanding views.  Relax in the mineral pools or indulge in a relaxing massage.  There are also fun activities provided and the children can play the day away in an interactive playground and dragon hydro slide, while you relax!

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa is situated about 90 minutes drive from Christchurch or Kaikoura and is an extensive thermal complex in an alpine environment with large native gardens.  The complex offers thermal mineral, suphur and freshwater pools as well as large activity area for the kids.  Private thermal pools, sauna and steam rooms availabe, with licensed cafe on site.

Tekapo Springs offers three tiered Hot Pools lanscaped in local greywacke rock and surrounded by the regions native alpine plants to create a natural setting.  The pools have benched seating so you can sit back, relax and soak, and enjoy the views looking out over Lake Tekapo and the Two Thumb mountain range.

The Spa at Millbrook
Located in the gorgeous Millbrook Hotel near Queenstown, the Spa offers spacious treatment rooms, post treatment relaxation rooms and superb outdoor relaxation areas.  This Spa has been chosen as one of the Top Ten Hotel Spas in the World and recommended by Conde Naste. 
Click here for website

Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Zealand News

Christchurch to Perth direct flights
Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia will be operating two flights a week between Christchurch and Perth from Dec 03 2013 to Apr 26 2014, and if they prove popular they will become permanent.
By flying direct, travellers will reduce their travel time by 3 hours, rather than stopping over in Auckland or Sydney

A new Te Puia experience, Steambox, is giving visitors a taste of the past.  Steambox utilizes a favourite Nga Wha (Steam vent) Puapua, which is located in the geothermal area that is a backdrop to the famous Pohutu Geyser.  Visitors choose what they want cooked for their lunch before heading off on a special guided tour of Te Puia.  This begins with an interactive session learning to weave a flower and a tour of the carving and weaving schools.  Heading down into the geothermal valley, to the Kiwi house, mudpools and hot springs, the tour concludes when, after watching their lunch lifted from the Nga Wha, guests sit and enjoy a steam box picnic lunch on the geyser terrace.
Click here for website

Tongariro Crossing
Tongariro Crossing Track has recently re-opened after being closed due to volcanic activity.  The Department of Conservation has installed electronic sideboards that can be quickly updated if the risk of eruption increases.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quick Energizers

Are you feeling a bit tired, restless or out of sorts, stressed out with no time? Here are some quick fix suggestions.

1. Stand with your legs slightly apart and bring your hands up over your head hugging your ears. Clap the hands 8 times so the entire surface of the palms are firmly struck. Then bend forward and strike the ground with the palms 8 times. Repeat for a minute or so. Clapping massages the brain.
2. Cross Crawls -  Standing, raise the left leg to the chest while raising the right arm straight up. Then alternate arms and legs, co-ordinating with a powerful breath for 1-2 minutes. This exercise helps balance left and right hemispheres of the brain.
3. For your Nervous System - Stand or sit, look at the tip of your nose. Extend arms out straight to both sides, keep them straight with no bend in elbows and turn the palms down. Criss-cross them in front of you, horizontally, alternating over and under, while chanting Har continuously with the tip of the tongue each time the arms cross. Continue for 3-11 minutes. Works on your ability to 'Do' and gets rid of your 'junk'. Chanting Har stimulates the meridians in the upper palate and sound and mantra have a powerful positive effect on the glands.
4. Right Nostril Breathing. Block off the left nostril with the left thumb, and inhale and exhale long and deep through the right nostril. To end inhale through both nostrils, holding the breath 10 or more seconds, then exhale. Sit calmly and enjoy the energy for a few moments.
5. Stand Tall and raise hands over head and shake the entire body for 1-2 minutes. Works on the nervous system
6. Sit down on the floor and stretch your legs out straight. Reach for your toes, and stretch your nose to your knees. Continue for 2 minutes - this helps boost your energy